With little words and many actions, FERUNAS aims to: 

Share the feelings of connecting you to your innate powers
Share the internal conviction of wishing you knew more
Share a connection with every FERUNITE and in essence, transcend into removing the feeling of longing to belong.

At the end of the rainbow, FERUNAS jewelry project is born of the mere belief that everyone is unique, strong and kind. Every authentic and limited piece that touches your skin should serve as a channel. A channel that is co-created in full harmony with Mother Nature and is unconvoluted to support your journey to wholeness.

As a person, if you are aware of who you fully are and truly embrace it, you are blessed beyond compare. At FERUNAS, we believe that your mystery and your unknowns are your power. Exploring the ME of tomorrow is a journey we wish to take with you.

With precious metals, materials and techniques sourced and used in absolute consideration of our environment and people, FERUNAS clean and sustainable jewelry pieces are created to spark your validation within and inspire others to shine while you escape from the uninvited criticisms of societal says so and support your rebirth as a true Goddess. 

By sharing your unknowns as a vulnerability with FERUNAS, our promise to you is that our idiosyncratic jewelry will empower you and support you on the delicate journey to activating the ME of tomorrow.

Understanding that energy shared is energy received, connects these evolutionary collections to
environmental enthusiasts,
students of sustainability,
animal empathizers and most of all,
believers in the greater good.
Several years of indecision, uncertainty and constant development, led to the creation of
[FER] - [UNA(S)]
[FER] - Escaping into Nature (Nature representing Your True Self)
[UNA(S)] - The One(S) (One representing your Uniqueness) (S representing a community of Ones).
 As FERUNITES, UNA is You, and You are the ME of tomorrow.

‘Magestic cuff bracelet in recycled silver, serpent design, the Wise One collection.’