Since I was a child I always had a soft spot for the animals. I'd pick up puppies from the streets and bring them home, I'd bury dead birds I've found and even got kicked out of the house a few times for getting different skin rashes from interacting with the less fortunate furry ones.

Through Ferunas, I aim to help animals in need by donating 10% of all sales from my sustainable jewelry to animal charities that are less visible and have limited access to resources to continue on their mission to rescue abandoned and abused animals.

For 2020, my target is to save an elephant together with the Elephant Nature Park and its founder, Lek. Why? Volunteering with them for a week two years back inspired me and gave me the courage to start a new journey and bring Ferunas to life.

Check their websites or Instagram stories to find out more about their amazing rescue stories and why not, help more if you can. We will keep you updated about the NGOs that will be benefiting from your purchase right here.
  Michael saves abused stray animals from the streets of Thailand. Feeds daily over 500 dogs and he is now trying to save dogs from the Dog Meat Trade at the Cambodian border. Life-changing stories told by an incredible person

amiciidogrescueshelterAmicii Dog Rescue is an UK based charity saving stray dogs from Romania. Their shelter cares for up to 200 stray dogs and they are massively counting on our donations. The ladies running the NGO are simply inspiring!

takisshelterTakis takes care of more than 300 stray dogs, cats and goats that he rescued. His shelter is based in Crete. He is such an amazing person!

Lek is the founder of the Elephant Nature Park and she is just one of a kind! Her foundation not only saves and cares for abused elephants, dogs and cats among  other types of wild animals. They also invest in empowering local women, securing them jobs and building schools for future generations.

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