The founder of Ferunas is Ana-Maria. Uber art and animal lover, with a soft spot for Sir Edgar, the king of kings.

She handcrafts in her studio in Stockholm, her soul city mate. FERUNAS-SUSTAINABLE JEWELLERY-STORY

I had always been fascinated by the interaction between a piece of jewelry and its owner.
 I believe that the power that jewelry can carry and the energy it can drive if crafted with the right intention from concept to completion is immense.
I started dabbling in the world of goldsmithing since 2012.
Nevertheless, I stopped many times when I was afraid that I didn’t have anything unique to say, that I am not good enough.  Also my previous corporate job ate a big portion of my life.
In full exploration of so called ‘the dark night of the soul’, where dormant frustrations grew deeper and deeper, I knew that I had to make a radical change. To trust my intuition and start doing what my soul was actually craving for: crafting sustainable, clean jewelry.
Crafting sustainable jewelry through Ferunas, not only nourishes my inner quest for authenticity but it also gives me and future Ferunas wearers a sense of unlimited freedom.
Just as creating sustainable jewelry gives me a purpose in life and heals me, I feel that those who are looking for more from how they adorn themselves will share some of that personal empowerment with these pieces.
Artistar Jewels 2019 Fall Edition, Milan Jewellery Week
(selected to exhibit together with 150 contemporary jewelry artists and designers from all over the world)
FERUNAS-Sustainable Jewellery-About